A Blank Slate With Bare Books

26 Jan

Bare Books are a wonderful resource that I have shared with lots of teachers and parents recently. Barebooks.com is a website that sells a great variety of blank books, puzzles, and game boards, among other things. I glue pictures into the books and then cover each page with contact paper to make them “kid-friendly”.

I am partial to the Chunky Bare Books which are basically a blank board book. At the time of this post the 5″ x5″ Chunky Bare Book is only $1.30 with the bigger sizes only costing a little bit more. At that price, I can afford to make books for individual students and send them home without it being too pricey.

I have used Bare Books to make individualized social stories for my kids with autism or puzzles with pictures focusing on specific language topics like action words or prepositions. I also use them with my kids with language or articulation delays because I can handpick the pictures I use and tailor them to what we are working on. I use pictures from the internet or clipart on the books and puzzles but I have found it is most fun for the kids to see pictures of themselves.

If you think of a creative way to use these blank books and puzzles please share your idea by leaving a comment below!



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