My Favorite New Therapy Item

27 Jan

As a school speech pathologist with a limited budget for supplies I hate it when I spend some of my budget on an item that turns out to be disappointing or one-dimensional. The Vocabulary Teaching Tubs kit from is not one of those items! At a price of $69.95 I was worried about using up so much of my budget on one item but the miniature items that come in the tubs reminded me of another item from Lakeshore that my kids go wild for called Building Language Lotto so I decided to take a chance on it.

I have found that kids remain engaged with an activity for a much longer time if they have objects to look at and play with instead of just pictures or flash cards. This kit comes with 50 different miniature objects that can be sorted into 10 different categories tubs. It goes without saying that the set is great for working on labeling and categorization but it can be used for much more than that! I have used the objects with students to work on simple pretend play scenarios, action words, and prepositions among other things. The objects that are included in the set are all very functional for preschool age students which makes it even better!


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