A Lifesaver for Any Autism Classroom

8 Feb

It is very fun to come along a simple thing that can make life so much easier. For me, the discovery of non-stick scissors was a revelation. Anyone who has worked with young children with autism knows the importance of velcro. Velcro is a precious resource because velcro with adhesive backing goes on everything from picture schedules to communication books. The problem comes along when using scissors to cut the velcro to appropriate sizes. The sticky part of the velcro leaves a gummy, sticky residue on the scissors that eventually builds up until the scissors are basically unusable. That was at least until I came across non-stick scissors at my local Michaels craft store. I balked at first at the price as they are a few dollars more than regular scissors but the purchase was more than worth it! The scissors are not perfect, I still have to pick off the occasional sticky goop from the scissors but they are a remarkable improvement to traditional scissors. Hooray for a simple, time-saving invention!


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