Supporting the Siblings of Kids with Autism

12 Feb

A while back Time Magazine published a great article about how to support siblings of kids with autism:,8599,1698128-1,00.html

I recently re-read the article and I think it is a terrific read for any parent or teacher of a child with autism. I believe we need to celebrate the siblings of children with special needs because in my observation they often grow up into some of the most well-rounded and compassionate adults. I have been told by several of the parents’ of my students with autism that they can see the sibling of the student with autism becoming a fabulous speech pathologist or teacher because of their experience with their brother or sister with autism.

While I would never recommend burdening a sibling with feeling like they are responsible for teaching their sibling, I think taking advantage of the innate bond that many siblings have can provide benefits for the whole family. When possible, I encourage siblings to be involved in the various therapies that the child with autism receives, such as speech or behavioral therapy. I have found that siblings are often very excited to be given some responsibilities and to be included in that time that used to just be reserved for their sibling. With a little bit of support and guidance, we can help siblings feel empowered and included without sacrificing any of the therapeutic time that children with autism need.


One Response to “Supporting the Siblings of Kids with Autism”

  1. CC February 24, 2011 at 4:07 am #

    great link!

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