Build Your Own Social Stories and More iPad App

23 Feb

Pictello is an iPad/iPhone  app that I recently discovered that is a great resource for making social stories for students with autism. I like taking pictures of kids to make individualized social stories but it always takes me a few days to get the pictures taken, printed out, and then put together into a social story. Pictello allows iPad and iPhone users to quickly create customized, talking social stories that they can take on the go. The app has text to speech capabilities which makes it more engaging for kids than a regular, printed social story and allows them to listen to their story without an adult sitting with them reading it aloud.

Pictello also has other uses besides social stories. I can see using it to practice sequencing and retelling stories, creating picture schedules, or working on vocabulary.

At a price of $14.99 Pictello is a little pricey but it seems like its versatility may make it worth the price. It would be nice if it also allowed playback of videos but maybe that is asking a little too much!

View video demos of Pictello in action here:


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