Parenthood – Putting Asperger’s Into the Limelight

2 Mar

For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, Parenthood is a great show on NBC that highlights some of the issues that parent’s of children with autism/Asperger’s face in their daily lives through the storyline of Max, a boy with Asperger’s. While of course every situation is different, I feel the show has honestly addressed a variety of topics that may come up in day to day life. In recent episodes, issues such as dealing with changes in routine during a camping trip and working with adults with autism have been story lines. The series started around the time that Max’s parents started to realize something was wrong, how they dealt with those realizations, and has moved on from there.

Tonight’s episode addresses explaining Asperger’s to Max which I think is a very interesting topic. I am curious to know how other parent’s of children with autism have decided whether or not to discuss their child’s autism/Asperger’s with the child and if they did, how they went about it.

If you have missed episodes and want to check it out you can watch full episodes here:


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