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Halloween Articulation Word Search Freebies

9 Oct

My articulation students always seem to enjoy word searches and I like using them in therapy because they are a quiet activity a student can work on while I am working with another student on their sound. Tonight I created a couple Halloween themed articulation word searches for my /r/ and /s/ kids that I can use in the coming weeks. I called them “Spooky Word Searches” in case you cannot refer to Halloween at your school or prefer not too.

Here is a preview of the /r/ word search:

Halloween Articulation ActivityThe word searches are available for FREE on Teachers Pay Teachers here.


Steps to Articulation Therapy Visual

13 Sep

Whew! It has been a long week of trying to get my new room and caseload organized and decorated. I finally had some time today to do a few fun things around my room and get a little crafty! Now I don’t consider myself a crafty person but I think my Articulation Steps visual turned out not too shabby. To make it I picked up a variety pack of rainbow patterned card stock and some ribbon at Michaels with their good coupons. The hardest part assembling it was getting the length of ribbon close to matching between each card. Once I got the hang of that it only took about 20 minutes to get it assembled. If I get really motivated, I will write my artic kids names on clothespins to attach onto the visual at whatever step they currently working.

Articulation Therapy Steps Visual

Multisyllabic Words Articulation and Language for Preschool

3 Sep

I always have a few little ones on my caseload working on multisyllabic words or decreasing syllable reduction. I’ve always struggled with getting enough repetitions out of my preschoolers in particular since drilling is usually not in the cards (literally, as in flashcards aren’t going to cut it with these busy bodies, ha!) Also, many of the picture sets I have seen out there have word targets that are not appropriate for preschoolers. I also rarely have a group of preschoolers that is working on articulation exclusively so I need activities that can target articulation goals as well. With those two things in mind I decided to create a packet of lots of hands on activities, targeting multisyllabic words that are appropriate for preschoolers, and with language activities integrated into them.

My Multisyllabic Words Articulation and Language Combo Pack I think fits the bill! It targets 10 three syllable animals (elephant, bumblebee, dinosaur…), 10 three syllable common items (banana, hamburger, camera…), and 4 four syllable items (watermelon, caterpillar…) in a variety of activities.

Multisyllabic Artic and Language PreviewContents of the pack are:

What Do You See? Animals! Book – repetitive line book targeting 10 three syllable animals, made in the format of “Brown Bear, Brown Bear”

Multisyllabic Word Pacing Cards – Pacing cards for three and four syllable words, use the dots for kinesthetic and visual cueing, fold the dots under when the child doesn’t need the cueing any longer.

Multisyllabic Word Bingo – Bingo game boards targeting three and four syllable words

Multisyllabic Word WH Questions – questions targeting three and four syllable words, can be used in conjunction with the bingo game

Three Syllable Animals File Folder Game – file folder style matching game target three syllable animals, match the animals to the blank spots on the board.

Big and Little Three Syllable Word Cards – big and little picture cards for targeting three syllable words in phrases, qualitative concepts, and word combinations.

Here are some pictures of a few of the activities:

What Do You See PreviewPacing Cards PreviewFile Folder Game Preview

It’s available for download on Teachers Pay Teachers here. Hope you and your kiddos enjoy it!

Articulation Data Sheet and Progress Charting Freebies!

3 Sep

As promised in my post a few days ago here are two revamped data sheets. I work with a SLPA so it is important for us to have a common, easy to use system to record data and I think these fit the bill.

The Articulation Data Sheet is designed to allow for very fast data collection which is so important when you are working with groups of kids. I tried to make it as user friendly as possible and easy to track a child’s progress with just a glance. It is available as a FREE download over on Teachers Pay Teachers. It is a word document so you can edit it to enter in your child’s information and goals.

Articulation Data Sheet

This year I also want to do a much better job of making my students accountable for their own progress. I created this Articulation Progress Monitoring Charts printable so that they can take ownership of their articulation goals and visually chart how they are doing. I also plan on sending them home to parents as the child fills them in as a way of keeping the parents updated on their child’s progress. It is also available as a FREE download on Teachers Pay Teachers so hop on over there and scoop it up!

Artic Progress Monitoring Charts

I hope these will help you speed up and ease your articulation data taking and progress monitoring!