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Thanksgiving Book for Elementary Speech Therapy

13 Nov

TurkeyTroubleWhen prepping activities for my elementary speech therapy kids for November I realized that I didn’t have any Thanksgiving or fall themed books that are appropriate for that age group. I started looking around for a book to buy and settled on “Turkey Trouble” by Wendi Silvano.

I am very happy with my purchase! My kids have found this book hilarious and it is perfect for targeting several different language goals. The book is about a turkey who is trying to avoid being eaten for Thanksgiving, so it attempts to disguise itself as other animals around the farm. Each time it tries a new disguise, one of the farm animals tells him why it is not a good enough costume (i.e. he is too skinny to be a cow, too clean to be a pig). I won’t spoil the ending, but the final costume he comes up with is a winner!

I am using the book to work on sequencing and found a nice freebie on Teachers Pay Teachers that includes a sequencing worksheet. It can be found at this link: Turkey Trouble Comprehensive Pack.

The book also offers many opportunities to make predictions and answer “why” questions like “Why didn’t the turkey’s cow costume work?”

I definitely recommend this book for elementary speech therapy in November!